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Programs of The Institute of Daily Communication for Families & Individuals (IDCFI)

The Institute of Daily Communication for Families & Individuals (IDCFI) was founded in 2016 (as Preferred Life Coaching) with a mission to help individuals make positive changes in their lives and gain personal and professional fulfillment and inner peace. Our vision is to help transfer lives from being challenged and limited to full of potential. IDCFI works with youth, parents, and professionals who are seeking to become the best version of themselves but find a limited range of self-expression and ineffective interpersonal communication skills to be a barrier. Our workshops, training, and research-based courses use role playing, life coaching, and instruction to change the way you communicate for the better.

The Institute of Daily Communication for Families & Individuals

IDCFI provides personal and professional growth and development to individuals who are experiencing conflict, anger management, poor relationships, felony probation and parole, procrastination, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, minor depression, unresolved issues, and other dilemmas that are escalated through poor interpersonal communication and self-expression.

After receiving IDCFI services clients report improved listening, better expression of thoughts, improved empathy and understanding of others, and improved delivery and body language.

LIVE TRAINING CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: IDCFI offers FREE and PAID programs. Please go to to see our full list of training classes and workshops, registration options, and any applicable fees. You may also contact us by phone at 904-945-8716.

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