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The Institute of Daily Communication for Families & Individuals (IDCFI) was founded in 2016 (as Preferred Life Coaching) with a mission to help individuals make positive changes in their lives and gain personal and professional fulfillment and inner peace. Our vision is to help transfer lives from being challenged and limited to full of potential. IDCFI works with youth, parents, and professionals who are seeking to become the best version of themselves but find a limited range of self-expression and ineffective interpersonal communication skills to be a barrier.  Our workshops, training, and research-based courses use role playing, life coaching, and instruction to change the way you communicate for the better.

Debra J. Lewis, M. Ed, CCF, CC
Founder & CEO

Debra Jones Lewis is the Founder & CEO of The Institute of Daily Communication for Families & Individuals (IDCFI). She is a motivational speaker and a certified life coach. She specializes in emotional intelligence, conflict management, and communication.   She Facilitates Communication workshops, on Empathy,  Anger Management, Conflict resolution,  and Elevating one’s conversation to the next level. Lewis is a retired Training Instructor and Sex Offender probation officer with the Florida Department of Corrections. After retirement,  Debra was employed as a group  therapist  and assessment counselor where her vision to create IDCFI began.   Along with building a new business, volunteers as a Success Coach for The Hands on Jax Works Service Project and  for the Jacksonville Library as an English as a Second Language Instructor. She can be reached at


  • What Is Your Jericho, What is Your Fear

  • Our personal power: a forgotten commodity

  • A rut versus a ship: a thought provoking topic

W. Earl Kitchings, 
Motivational/Empowerment Speaker & Spoken Word Coach

Mr. W. Earl Kitchings is an entrepreneur, accomplished sports broadcaster, PA Announcer and entrepreneur who has worked in high school and collegiate athletics for more than 25 years. With over 20 years of speaking experience, Earl has spoken at events nationwide including athletic awards programs, collegiate sports events, youth groups, community workshops, and organizational training conferences. He has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2008, serving in various officer capacities and has won numerous awards for inspirational and motivational speaking. Mr. Kitchings is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.

Clinton M. McCoy 
Author, Experienced Reformer & Social Advocate

Clinton M. McCoy is a Loving Father, Entrepreneur, Personal Development & Holistic Fitness Coach who overcame childhood trauma, juvenile delinquency, and years of self-destructive behavior by breaking free of the chains of his past. He has devoted his life to helping others to pursue their own freedom. Despite being expelled from school in the 9th grade, Clinton earned his GED and an Associate’s Degree.  For two years he spearheaded his Chess for Change Program which used the game of chess to teach inner city youth strategic planning and goal achievement.  He also hosted the radio talk show Transform Your Life with Author/Speaker/Coach Clinton M. McCoy.

George Casey Jr 
Motivational Speaker, Author, & Entrepreneur

George Casey, Jr. is living proof an individual’s past is not always and accurate predictor of his future. He is the epitome of the saying, “Your future endeavors do not have to be dictated by your past indiscretions.  A lack of drive and ambition marred Mr. Casey’s life as a teen and young adult.  Mr. Casey had no goals or aspirations for his life at that time. Divine intervention led him to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. Finally, while serving in the Marines Mr. Casey developed a new confidence, focus, and purpose while instilling discipline and fostering his leadership skills.  His strength lies in his ability to convey the evolving but consistent relationship between thought and action. His very life is the blueprint for talking the talk and walking the walk. His divine mission is to challenge himself as well as others to “BETTER YOUR BEST”. 

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